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How can YRD help?

We get it... you want a design that stands apart from the rest.

You need designs for your line of packaging...shirts...scarves, headwraps, bags...or even a stamp for your packaging. You are pretty creative, but you are not a designer, or you could use the professional expertise of a pattern and color specialist.

Maybe you are an Interior Designer who is looking for a special fabric for a special customer.

You want someone who truly gets how special your brand is. 

Yetunde Rodriguez Design will work with you to create that signature print that will surprise and delight your clients and customers.

Not quite ready for something custom? Please visit our Design Library to select one of our existing prints in a custom color.


  1. Read this entire page, then fill out the interest form below.
  2. Free 15 minute phone consultation. Upon receiving your interest form, YRD will email you a link to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to introduce ourselves and clarify any remaining details.
  3. When you are ready to proceed, you will purchase the service you want, and we will proceed with next steps.


1. YRDesign™

This service includes Research and Development for custom motif for web or print only:

 YRD will develop a pattern of motifs based on your specific requirements. This fee includes researching historical and cultural references. I will give a transfer of rights for the design upon completion. You own the pattern free and clear.

YRD will present 3 ideas within 1 week of purchase. You will choose one of these ideas. YRD will refine your choice as needed. Please allow a 2-3 week turnaround time for completion.

Please note that this pricing is only for designs meant for the web or print.  This service is also only geared towards small businesses. Other uses such as architectural murals, and commercial companies do not apply. You may contact YRD here for a quote for those circumstances. $395

2. YRDStamp™

YRD will create a physical stamp for you/your business.

YRD will hand-carve a stamp for you. Unlike a traditional rubber stamp, this stamp is artisanal, and reflects the hand of the artist. These art stamps are larger than regular/commercial rubber stamps.

This service is an add-on to the YRDesign™ service. YRD does not create stamps for designs created by another designer.

Small (4” x 4” or smaller): $75

Medium: (8” x 8” or smaller): $125

Large: (10” x 10” or smaller): $159

3. YRDConsult™

For Product development: YRD can help you through the product development process by consulting on different aspects, such as source a materials and producers. We can also 

your hand through the process.

For Artisans: YRD can consult with you on your printing process and coach you through your process. 
$100/hr - purchase in 1 hour increments. 

4. YRDOne-on-One™

Teach a (wo)man to fish and feed them for life...or something like that.

I will train you, One-on-one, how to block print. This is a skill that you will have for life, and that you can use to create your own business. The training buys you 4 hours of studio time to teach you everything I know.  I will also provide a comprehensive hand-out that you can reference whenever you need to. Purchase this service and schedule your time. This training takes place in person. 

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